Roots / artist in residence Skulpturenpark Kloster Schoenthal

Sculpture Park

International and Swiss artist have produced site specific sculptures for the meadows and woods around Schoenthal, having first familiarised themselves with the monastery, its history and the archaic landscape.

The gradual development of the collection makes it a work-in-progress. Currently, 33 works by 23 artists line the paths and trails. (source website Schoenthal)


Artist in Residence

At the moment I am working as an artist in residence at the sculpture park Schoenthal (near Basel, Switzerland). For The next months I live and work in this unique  park to create a new sculpture. The “Kunststall” serves as workspace/atelier.

Acacia trunks will be barked by handtools and assembled on the site. The wood will build a network, simillar to the roots or a framework of a shelter, slowly growing and connecting to an open accessible structure. Each part as well as the surrounding will shape the finale form. This new and at the same time archaic structure inweave the ground, crosses the sky and connects both.


For this unique occasion I developed and constructed a mobile tent to live in. This basecamp is inspired by the Geodesic Domes of Buckminster Fuller and the mongolian yurts.

Wooden sticks and tent fabric form a hemispheric structure which make it possible to stay and study the nature, absorb the surrounding during different daytimes and weather conditons.

Visit/ stay informed

It is possible to visit the sculpture park 365 days a year.

To stay informed about my project you are invited to send a message with the notation Schoenthal ( It’s as well possible to regularly check this website as well as my Instagram account (josuawechsler).

Support / Sponsors

This project is supporter by the sculpture park, a lot of involved people as well as sponsors who support this project.


Thank you!