film document about my Stand Up Paddle Board journey

Sempacher Woche 18. Februar 2021 / Surseer Woche 25. Februar 2021

WAZ Duisburg

km magazine 2020 / interview by Florence Husen / coverpicture by Auke Hamers

blossom is back in Leiden

Thank you BPS and BIL!

picture by: S.van Noort





working on roots, artist in residence, sculpture park Kloster Schönthal, Switzerland 2019

film document / roots / sculpture park  Kloster Schönthal





Atlas mountains Morocco 2018, bicycle trip Switzerland – Morocco

picture by: René





installing “I am the mountain”, Buisse Heide, Netherlands 2018

picture by: Ron Dirven

working on “I am the mountain”





“floating in space serie” @ Prospects & Concepts Mondriaan Fonds, ART Rotterdam, Netherlands 2018

thank you: Mondriaan Fonds, Stijn Huijts, Leony, Acrylic One





working on mugluk, Breda, Netherlands 2017

thank you: Remko

picture by: Remko





Alpenpässeweg, Switzerland 2017

thank you: Wouter & Margot

picture by: Wouter Zweers





installing korstmos, Switzerland 2017

thank you: Wouter & Margot





Balkan by bike 2016

Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece

pictures by: René Hardegger, Josua Wechsler





working on betonblocks, Hamburg, Germany 2016

thank you: Jonas Ott & Margot Zweers





cloud transport / installation, Switzerland 2016

pictures by: Stefanie Sigle





working on parts of pieces, de fabriek Eindhoven, Netherlands  2015

thank you: Paul, Ed / Hollandpacking, Paul, Teun, Isa, Margot, Jonas





working on memento Biesbosch, Netherlands  2014

thank you: Dirk, Margot, Frans





working on dead tree project, Oisterwijk , Netherlands  2014

picture by: Jonas Ott





floating transport / kajaktour Breda-Zeeland, Netherlands 2013





horse trekking, Altai Mongolia 2011

pictures by: Claudio Waser, Olivier Heller, Philippe Oesch





bicycle trip, England / Scotland 2011

picture by: Margot Zweers





5 months bicycle trip, New Zealand / Australia 2008